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New Amsterdam Metalworks has become one of the highest quality architectural metal shops in the U.S located in New York for over 30 years .

The main principal,  Igor Stiensma, was born in Den Helder, Netherlands  learned the trade from  his grandpa and uncle  Nico, who  were Machinist- engineers that built and maintained the machinery for the two infamous chocolate factories, Ringer's  and later Droste , these two factories ran through the 2nd WW. Droste  is still running to this day.

It was there in Holland Igor started his training from the age of  8 years old. 

New Amsterdam Metalworks LLC is a fully equipped architectural metal working company that specializes in architectural metalwork, landmark restoration, structural steel, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass. stairs, railing's, bronze doors, interiors, furniture to dunnage to roofdeck structures,  we have worked for amazing  artists, architects and the movies. We also have equipment capable of heavy rigging. 


New Amsterdam Metalworks  is located in proximity to New York City although can travel inside the continental US.  Depending on the project we do powder coating, galvanizing, or polishing.  We have experience working in an array of professional fields focusing primarily on architecture and design.  Through experience we help our clients find the best possible solution to any problem that they may encounter.  Our professionalism and reliability guarantee that our clients achieve their best results. 


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