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Additional  Projects Without Pictures:



150 Wall Street- Large Story Office Steel Stairs with Black Patina Finish


Rita McBride- PS 41 Large Structural Steel Art Wall with the original  Tiffany Glass found at the location

Wall Street Oil Building- Bronze Door Restoration and Large Bronze Office Stair Railing


Plaza Hotel- Restoration of original Bronze hardware for Palm Court including  Hinges, Locks, Lock Plates

Plaza Hotel David Beam Designs- Wedding Michael Douglas and Zita Jones 35 Huge Custom Chandeliers

Ansonia Hotel-  All Hardware Restoration


Movies Metal Work: Warner Bros. Joe Alfieri and Son, Taking of Pelham 123 Subway Trains, Liam Nieson Non Stop the Air Plane details , Batman Queens Borough Bridge Peak Crowns, Arthur the Large Wrought Iron French Doors, Sony Pictures Elevator Interior Panels


Federal Plaza Broadway, I Cor Management- All Steel Air Conditioning and Generator Dunnages Engineered Platforms and Stairs Structural Steel Galvanized Rigging and Transportation


New York City Metalwork- Grand Street, Broome Street, Forsythe Street Development Location Manhattan Bottom of Williamsburg Bridge 75,000 Feet Off Decorative Custom Fencing And Railings Galvanized and Painted Completed in 7 Weeks

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